Lessons I Learned from our Revival Services

For the last 3 years our church has taken time away from our busy schedules and entered into a season of Revival.  3 years ago, we were privileged to have Evangelist C.T. Spear as our revival speaker, what a blessing that was.  I was a brand-new pastor and Bro. Spear really was an encouragement to me.  Last year Pastor Steve Proctor from Poplar Bluff, MO. Spoke and it was incredible.  As I write this, I’m listening to one of the sermons Bro. Proctor preached last year (you can listen to all previous revival services at here).

This was also the third year that Pastor Tim Demoret led our children in their very own Children’s Revival. This year they learned creative ways to share their faith.

In the adult services this year, Pastor Brock Goetsch from Walnut Grove Baptist Church in Mechanicsville, VA. Spoke for us, and the Holy Spirit moved.  The Lord spoke to so many of our hearts.  I would like to take a moment to share with you what the Lord spoke to me about.

  1. Revival might not look like what I think it should.
    Much like the three Hebrew children in the Daniel chapter 3, I must allow myself to be used any way the Lord chooses to use me.  That might mean that God needs to send me through the fire.  Just like a pawn on a chess board, I must be willing to allow the Lord to sacrifice me for His kingdom’s sake.

  2. Sometimes bad things happen to Christians just so God can get the Glory.
    Whatever the difficulty I am going through is, it’s possible that God has put me through that just so he can prove how great he is.  May I be willing to allow God to use me.

  3. I need to hold onto Christ.
    The Devil likes to remind me of my sin, but I must do everything I can to get back to Jesus.  I cannot allow sin or distractions to keep from Jesus.  I must get to the Lord even when I have fallen away.

I would love to hear how the Lord spoke to you.  Please share with me and others your story of Revival.